About This Site

This site is intended to serve the public, political insiders, educators and news organizations interested in the Iowa presidential caucuses, the election process, and visits made to the state by declared and prospective presidential candidates as they “test” the waters in their bid for election.

This is a nonpartisan resource that contains information about all known presidential candidates and political parties registered with the Federal Elections Commission, regardless of their ideological ideas and opinions on political issues, which may be offensive to some individuals.

Get to know the author

D.G. Maverick is a public relations executive and life-long Iowan. Maverick’s award-winning journalism and marketing campaigns have earned national acclaim. Widely respected by peers and industry representatives, Maverick was recently presented a national trade organization’s highest professional public relations honor.

Over a long and distinguished career in state politics and government, Maverick may be best known for the keen ability to cut through the rhetoric and break down information into something readers, listeners and viewers care about and can use.

Maverick aims to use this site to cover a variety of topics related to the Iowa caucuses, party nominations and presidential election process; bring to the discussion insight, breaking news and spot-on observations; and communicate with a voice deeply rooted and shaped by the Iowa experience.

No one is more passionate about keeping a worldwide audience informed about the important role Iowans play in shaping the election for the person that holds this country’s highest political office. And, no one cares more deeply about what Americans think about the political process, candidates and topics. Express yourself by sharing your comments.



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